Travel Trends 2020: Applying to Marketing Strategy

Travel Trends 2020: Applying to Marketing Strategy

As a tourism or hospitality business, it is incredibly important to be ‘in-the-know’ with the latest travel trends. The way we are spending our money is changing, as well as our habits and interests.

Last year I attended the World Travel Market at ExCel London and since then have been keeping up-to-date with their podcast and marketing news. I hope to attend the exhibition again this year - the exhibition was extremely insightful and allowed me to meet/catch up with a number of travel marketing professionals.

So what travel trends are we expected to see in 2020?

  • MULT GENERATION travel is where families continue to travel, in search of experiences that create closer bonds and lasting memories (a HUGE trend for 19/20)

  • SOLO travel is particularly popular within woman

  • LAST MINUTE travellers (LMTs) booking within one week of departure

  • Increase behind sustainable travel and the importance of it to millennials

  • Local experience / meet the locals

  • DIGITAL DETOX holiday is a period of time (or a part of the holiday) where you go ‘off-grid’ and detox from technology and appreciate a beautiful location that will inspire travellers to concentrate on themselves and nature rather than emails and social media

  • MICRO trips are weekend or 1 day trips. Time is harder to come by and budget airlines are flying more often making micro trips readily available (includes staycations)

  • INSTA-HOLIDAYS are driven by a locations instagrammability and a recent survey shows that 40% of respondents under 33 consider “instagrammability” the most important factor when booking a holiday

How can we apply travel trends to our marketing strategy?

  • Offer packages that could include various activities and suggestions. For example, a wellbeing package that could include a spa day, dinner at a local restaurant, a bike ride along the coast and an afternoon of painting with a local artist.

  • Increase and improve the way you use Instagram. Insta-holidays are driven by what users SEE already on Instagram. Make sure that you’re showing up regularly on the channel and hashtagging/location tagging correctly.

  • Create special offers for multi-generation travel, last minute and solo travelers

  • Make sure that you’re doing your bit sustainably!

  • Collaborate with local businesses to offer exciting activities. For example, foraging, rock climbing, yoga, surfing, painting, hiking

If you’d like to know more about travel trends and how to apply them then get in touch at

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