Why Tourism and Hospitality Businesses Should Be Writing Blog Posts

So you’ve heard it all before; producing blog content for your hospitality/tourism business is an effective and low-cost marketing tool. There are a number of positive reasons as to why outsourcing or putting time aside to produce blog posts creates a valuable way of engaging with potential customers.

why write blog posts for tourism businesses

So why is blog content so important for hospitality and tourism businesses?

  • It helps a brand tell a story and engage with ideal customers - blogging is a way to speak to new audiences and existing customers. This could be a news article or a piece of advice for example (e.g - best family friendly days out in Cornwall)

  • It’s shareable content - when you create and share great content that connects with your IDEAL customer, they will hopefully share it, helping to spread the word further about your product or service. This will help attract more qualified visitors to your website which means a greater opportunity to convert them into paying customers

  • SEO purposes (yep, that’s the Google search rankings) - search engines LOVE new content so it will help your webpages to potentially rank higher in results, leading to increased click throughs

  • Blog posts are content that is always there for visitors to see - social media and e-newsletter content has a shorter life but because your business OWNS the blog (and isn’t third party), it can always be searchable

  • An excuse to keep in touch with new and previous customers - helps to increase brand awareness and reminds customers about your product/services

  • Positions you with a higher authority within your field - blog posts support your position as an expert and helps you to stand out from competitors

  • It’s cheap and easy to produce blog content - it’s a low cost marketing activity with high potential return on investment. It costs the time taken to write a blog post (1-2 hrs on avg).

As well as managing the Cornish Lifestyle Blog, Meet Me by the Sea, I have experience in writing SEO friendly blog posts for a number of tourism and hospitality businesses (read previous blog posts below).

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