What Makes Good Story Telling for a Tourism Business?

What makes good story telling for a brand? Sure, a good picture and some words thrown together may lead to a few social media likes, but did you know that there is science behind REMEMBERABLE storytelling?

Storytelling for brands

“What better way to persuade someone to go to a destination than bringing it to life?”

The key to good branded storytelling is content that triggers peoples emotions. The potential customer may not be ready to book a trip to the destination quite yet so you need to create branded content that will be remembered when it comes to the future time of booking. The brain remembers specific things - tapping into long term memory through emotion so they can recall the brand. The brand that will be chosen at the time of booking will be the one that comes straight to mind and stimulates aspirations.⁣

Aspirations and self enrichment are important. What does self enrichment mean to people these days?

It’s not about what we have but where we’ve been. In travel, it’s starting to become less about relaxation and more about experiences. Culture, music, art and locals. It’s the desire to have completely unique experiences that no one has had before. Customers are now choosing these experiences over anything else.

So how can we formulate this into a marketing strategy for a tourism business?

It’s about offering a completely different experiences. Collaborate with other businesses to create a bespoke package. Put together an activity guide or recommendations. Market away from the generic “staycations” (for Cornish brands) or relaxing breaks. Be different from competitors and create a branded story that stimulates EMOTION and DESIRE.

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Tregothnan Estate ⁣

Tregothnan Estate ⁣

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