Tourism Marketing: How to Reach Millennials

Tourism Marketing: How to Reach Millennials

Millennials are the most sought after yet frustrating demographic to target. Millennials are wildly different from older generations and have different expectations for brands. They have a demand for memorable moments and activities over material goods. The more Millennials travel, the more the travel industry needs to change to meet them. By now you know that millennials are the market to target, but how do you attract these guests? What defines their booking and travel behavior?

Most of you will know that I fall within the millennial category (25 years of age) so I can fully vouch for these reasons! 

Be present on social media: Most millennials will use Instagram as a research tool when looking for places to visit and will turn to influencers for inspiration. This is the same for restaurants, activities, and bars. A huge 37% of millennials have had their holiday destination influenced by social media. If you want to attract millennials then you will need to do more than just “be present” on social media. You will need to have an ATTRACTIVE presence and TALK correctly to your target market.

The conscious consumer: Millennials are becoming more mindful of what they buy as they seek to combat some of the negative effects consumerism is having on the world. With animal welfare at the forefront (look at the rise of veganism), the conscious consumer is ethically motivated and will also take note of sustainability and charity when making purchase decisions. The conscious consumer is on the rise and has a major influence on businesses like never before. 

The Scarlet Hotel (@scarlethotel) in Cornwall was the first luxury eco-hotel in the UK to launch to market when it opened its doors a decade ago. They are truly championing change for the conscious consumer. 

Make it Instagrammable: Make it “Instagrammable” - Sounds bizarre doesn’t it? Seriously though! Look at the likes of Bob Bob Ricard in London and their ‘press for champagne button,’ the flower wall at Restaurant Ours and the hot tub on the cliff at The Scarlet in Cornwall. I fall into the millennial category and those places spring STRAIGHT to mind due to their "Instagrammability." And yes, I will go to those places purely because of this and I know that other millennials will too. Being “instagrammable” has become a complete business model for some businesses and more and more are jumping on the “Instagrammability” bandwagon to get the millennials in. 

Not every business will want to invest ££££s for a new ‘flower wall’ and you don’t have to! How about a new eye-catching cocktail or a quirky desert? Maybe the way you dress the restaurant tables could become “Instagrammable” or you could even have a bright and funky seat that screams “TAKE A PHOTO ON ME.”

Experiences and personalisation matter: Experiences are a bigger part of millennials than material goods. Experiences are what makes you, you and culturally rich experiences and exploration of the unknown are now incredibly important. An experience must be authentic rather than manufactured. A study by Harris Group found that 72 percent of millennials prefer to spend more money on experiences than on material things. 

If you offer accommodation then why don’t you collaborate with local businesses to offer your guests extra activities such as cliffside yoga, foraging or cocktail making? 

Fistral Beach Hotel in Cornwall is pushing personalisation to the next level by creating bespoke themed stays. Fistral Beach Hotel and Spa are welcoming requests with open arms by creating out of this world experiences. If you’ve always wanted to wake up to a room full of red and white roses ala Elton John or you’re looking to re-create Glastonbury in your hotel room; Fistral Beach Hotel and Spa will make it happen. The possibilities are endless.

 Millennials listen to influencers: Social media has made younger people fascinated by the world and therefore millennials no longer want to wait until they’re older to see the world. Social media influencers inhabit a place between celebrities and friends and can shape culture and trends online. If you wish to gain the attention of millennials and win them over with your product then working with influencers is a fantastic way to reach them.

According to the Digital Marketing Institute not only do 49% of consumers depend on influencer recommendations but 40% had purchased something after seeing it on Twitter, YouTube or Instagram

 As well as being a digital marketing freelancer I also run the popular Cornish Lifestyle Blog, Meet Me by the Sea. I have collaborated with several Cornish businesses over the last 18 months to help them reach the millennial audience.  

If you would like to learn more about reaching the millennial audience and any marketing techniques mentioned above then please do get in touch. 

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